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Sam C. Roberts is a composer, musician and sonic artist from the UK. His work seeks to fuse technical complexity, film-like narrative and both electronic and acoustic sources into an emotionally driven sound that spans instrumental, poetic and abstract-ambient disciplines. His favoured mediums are the bass guitar, synthesizers, spoken word and guerrilla field recordings.

Since 2004, Sam has worked as a freelance bass guitarist, music editor/typesetter and in professional audio. Over the years, his clients have included Mira Calix, Tim Souster, Renny Jackson, John Jubert, Michael Bochmann, Colin Riley, Jeffrey Holmes, Anne LeBaron, Anthony Payne and many others.

I’m in awe of the artistry, and am still smiling from the musical journey

J. J. Thayer, Divide and Conquer, September 2020

the playing and arrangements are of such a high level that my mouth hung open in amazement with each cut

Dino DiMuro, October 2021

‘Escapism’ has a restless energy and a sense of exploration in its travelling from fusion to punky prog. Tuneful throughout, it displays all sides of Sam C. Roberts’ talents as a player on basses, punky guitars, keyboards and synths, and as a writer and arranger. One to keep an eye on.

Martin Burns, October 2021