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Sam C. Roberts is a composer, bass guitarist and sonic artist from the UK. His musical output ranges in style, from abstract ambient soundscapes to avant-garde alternative/prog rock fusion. Although artistically and instrumentally diverse, a common focal point of Sam’s music is a devotion to the expansion of the role and sonic palette of the electric bass. His pieces combine both scored and improvised material for solo and ensemble performance, as well as original texts, electronics and field recordings.

Performances and exhibitions include appearances at MUSLAB 2023 (Guayaquil, Ecuador), Radiophrenia Glasgow (UK), Audiograft Festival (Oxford, UK), RAMA Festival (Aarhus, Denmark), Adelaide Festival (Australia), The Bath Fringe (UK) and many other venues and events across the UK and Europe.

He has also worked extensively as a freelance bass guitarist, music typesetter/editor and in professional audio since 2004. Over the years, his clients have included Composers Edition, Mira Calix, Tim Souster, Renny Jackson, John Jubert, The Birmingham Ballet Company, Michael Bochmann, Colin Riley, The English Symphony Orchestra, Jeffrey Holmes, Anne LeBaron, Difem Publishing and many others.

Iā€™m in awe of the artistry, and am still smiling from the musical journey

J. J. Thayer, Divide and Conquer, September 2020

the playing and arrangements are of such a high level that my mouth hung open in amazement with each cut

Dino DiMuro, October 2021

‘Escapism’ has a restless energy and a sense of exploration in its travelling from fusion to punky prog. Tuneful throughout, it displays all sides of Sam C. Roberts’ talents as a player on basses, punky guitars, keyboards and synths, and as a writer and arranger. One to keep an eye on.

Martin Burns, October 2021