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After the Collapse is out today!

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I’m delighted to annouce the release of ‘After the Collapse: Scenes from New Earth’ today! ‘After the Collapse’ is a collection of sonic stories from the fictional future of Eden & Nova, created by Sam C. Roberts. Music, abstract-ambient sound, and original texts are formed into engaging soundscapes that offer a glimpse into life on this conceptual, post-apocalyptic planet Earth.

Available now on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services.

After the collapse, after the bombs fell and the earth was scarred, the great rebuild began. From vast bunkers drilled into bedrock came giant machines – teeth boring through the ruins and enormous treads compacting the scorched land beneath, creating habitable pockets on Earth. Where once stood London, Tokyo, Paris, and New York lay the blank canvas of life, laid bare and waiting for the survivors to venture forth and start anew.

Although life was hard, progress was fast. Centuries of rivalry and fighting were put aside in the name of growth, and civilization began to prosper once more. The breath-taking bio-towers rose out of the dust and became colossal green beacons of hope, scattered into the poisonous wind. Fertile cities in the sky – a utopian dream become reality in the face of the worst-case scenario.

But humanity never changes…

Fights, protests, and riots broke out on both sides. The glistening emerald towers became icons of iniquity and many left to create their own vision of life on New Earth. Shanties and trading outposts sprung up around and between the giant bases of the bio-towers. Although dirty and dangerous, they provided the freedom that many had sought since the great rebuild had reached its apex. As the population grew and the problems of old Earth once again reared their heads, life fell into a familiar pattern. The rich, powerful, and educated living sheltered lives high in the bio-towers. The poor, working population packed in and around the bases of the towers, living simply in the shanties and residential pods, stolen in the first weeks of unrest.

The dichotomy of human life, presented in a new, yet familiar, light.

But the rhythm of this humanity became commonplace, and this new society became the norm. Life flowed between the towers and the shanties and both sides of the coin could prosper if you knew where to look. New Earth became less about fresh starts and survival and instead the vices of Old Earth became transformed, repackaged, and distributed freely.

The towers no longer held their ‘bio-tower’ designation – they were simply called ‘Eden’.

The shanties no longer held their derisive moniker – they, instead, became ‘Nova’.

Eden and Nova – New Earth, as formed by past, present and future.

Utopia and dystopia incarnate.

These are the tales of this world.

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