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Escapism is Out Today!

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I’m delighted to anncounce the release of Escapism, which is out today on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services! Very happy with how this EP has come together and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Escapism is a collection of songs that are all, in some way, about dreaming and distraction through fantasy. From tales of sentient robots winning their freedom and striking out into new worlds (ROBOTRUMBLE (Boss Fight), Drifter), sci-fi inspired stories of uprising (Dunes Divided) or introspective daydreams (Silent Window), all the music on this record is rooted in escape from reality. A stylistically diverse affair, Escapism aims to offer something unique musically, whilst providing some moments of escape for the listener.

Huge thanks to Nick Hartland for his superb drumming throughout and to Alistair Bell for his mind melting guitar on Blue Hydrangeas.

Special thanks to Emma Roberts for the super artwork and for being such a loving wife!

Sam C. Roberts – vocals, basses, guitars (track 6), keyboards/synths and claps (track 3)

Nick Hartland – drums

Alistair Bell – guitars (track 2)

All music and words written by Samuel C. Roberts

Drums recorded at The Kennel Studio, South Somerset

Mixed, mastered and produced by Samuel C. Roberts

Artwork by Emma Roberts

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