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Lucid States is out today

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Lucid States is out today on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Lucid States is a collection of three abstract tracks that explore the textural possibilities of the bass guitar. Each piece is inspired by the idea of being ‘in stasis’ within different elemental spheres. ‘Soaring Astral Plains’ takes the listener high into stratospheric currents, ‘Deepening of the Currents’ glides through deep sea trenches and ‘In Luminous Suspension’ evokes boundless mountains from within a womb-like, floating cocoon.

Each track was recorded live with the bass guitar as the only sound source. E-Bows, Soma Cosmos and Red Panda Particle FX pedals, as well as Moogerfooger plugins, were used for live processing of bass sounds. Ableton Live was used for routing, looping and live recording capture, as well as some additional reverb. The stereo captures from Ableton were then lightly edited and mastered for release. Absolutely no synthesisers, samples or other electronic sound sources were used on this release.

Performed, mixed and mastered by Sam C. Roberts

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