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Sunday Exposition is OUT NOW

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Sunday Exposition is a piece about all the strange things that go on around you on a daily basis. Who knows what your neighbour is up to…

Listen now on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

Sam C. Roberts – vocals, keyboards, synths, bass guitar and percussion
Nick Hartland – drums

Mixed and mastered by Sam C. Roberts

Drums recorded at The Kennel, South Somerset


Whisper of the others
The silence is grey
The barrels of the whisper
Are taking aim
Sirens are blaring
They race from afar
Sunday Exposition
Deceitful, Bizarre
We are the same
A storm is descending
The light fades to grey

He carries the whisper
It rests in his palm
And Ivan is with him
They take her inside
The line in the ceiling
Is holding her arm
Bright forks of lightning
The sky comes alive
We are the risen
Returning, the silence
It holds you at night

Mindlessly you took our lives to enter into selfish crimes, we educate,
Not to plot a perfect vengeance, but to leave you isolated, cast away,
Deep in sorrow we rejected all you had to keep ourselves away from that.

The whisper moves to others
The silence, it fades
The lens of the future
Is taking aim
Sirens dissolving
Erased from our view
Sunday exposition
Vigour renewed
We are the same
When clouds dark have lifted
What life will remain?

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